Do not use Christa Pizzolanti for any merchant services of any kind. Her company is GrayPay but that is not a registered merchant service provider.

She uses Applied Merchant Services and her agents informed us that she has control over her portfolio. That is not true. They have held merchant's funds resulting in devastating financial situations. How can a business run when its credit card processor does not pay?

They could shut your doors without any notice. It is an atrocity. Stay far away from Christa Pizzolanti and Applied Merchant Services.

This is the most unprofessional organization entrusted to handle businesses' financial transactions. Do not make the same mistake as others have made.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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She is a liar and a scammer

Don't trust the whore


Christa Pizzolanti lied about the rates that would be charged by the merchant account, just to make the sale. Afterwards their support completely vanished.

They proceeded to be very rude and kept on attempting to withdraw hidden fees. STAY AWAY!

Middleburg, Pennsylvania, United States #1246574

I agree... Applied Merchant Services people are at the very least extremely unprofessional and shady, and in my opinion more accurately described as criminal.

I highly recommed to never give them your business or you will sooner or later almost definitely be ripped off in one way or another.

They are crooks!


It's very disappointing that GrayPay and my name was brought into this matter. GrayPay was just an agent to AMS, GrayPay has no financial control over money.

Applied Merchant Services was the payment service provider not GrayPay. Additionally your account was sent to us by one of our agents Sublime Merchant Services. You can tell in your post you are confused with the setup. you wrote, "She uses Applied Merchant Services and her agents informed us that she has control over her portfolio." Your complaint should not involve GrayPay or myself we have no control over someone else's portfolio.

I believe there is just some confusion... This is very common in the high risk merchant industry. Accounts get shopped around and merchants are unclear who is the actual merchant provider. In this case Applied Merchant Services was the registered ISO.

Sublime is who you originally contacted for a merchant account, Sublime then referred the account to us and we referred the account to AMS.

I asked that this site or the person who wrote this kindly take this down or at least remove my name Christa Pizzolanti and GrayPay's name. We had no involvement or capability to hold any money. This is slander and false information.

The merchant agreement was between Applied Merchant Services and the "Merchant".

Kind Regards,

Christa Pizzolanti

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